About Lynch Ryan

Lynch Ryan is a consulting firm that helps employers, insurers, third-party administrators, industry associations and government bodies to build and implement highly effective workers compensation cost control systems.

For more than twenty years, LynchRyan has been setting the nation's standard for workers' compensation cost control. More than 4,000 employers throughout the nation - from small companies to multi-site Fortune 500 firms - have saved millions of dollars implementing workplace-based systems for injury prevention, injury management and return to work. LynchRyan tools, training and support resources empower employers to control costs to an absolute minimum while providing high-quality care for injured employees. The LynchRyan system creates a user-friendly, step-by-step track for returning injured workers to full productivity.

LynchRyan helps employers to minimize workplace losses. More importantly, it helps workers to regain productivity and return to work. In a classic case of win-win, we've learned that by doing the right thing for injured employees, employers save money, enhance productivity and foster improved workplace morale.

Learn more about Lynch Ryan at our corporate website: www.lynchryan.com
Contact Lynch Ryan: communications@lynchryan.com


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