June 7, 2011

5 most dangerous jobs for teens & resources for keeping young workers safe

Every year as summer approaches and kids join the work force, many for the first time, the National Consumer League (NCL) offers its updated list of the 5 most dangerous jobs for teens, along with excellent advice for parents and teens on keeping the work experience safe. In 2011, their picks for the most dangerous teen jobs are:

  • Agriculture: Harvesting Crops and Using Machinery
  • Construction and Height Work
  • Traveling Youth Sales Crews
  • Outside Helper: Landscaping, Groundskeeping, and Lawn Service
  • Driver/Operator: Forklifts, Tractors, and ATV's

The NCL notes that the five worst jobs for teens are not ranked in order. They earn their place on the list because they all share higher than normal injury or fatality rates. If you are an employer who hires teens, a parent with working age teens, or a teen workers, please take the time to look at the excellent report that the NCL has compiled.

We've compiled some additional resources for teen safety. While many are appropriate for all groups, we've sorted them by primary relevance for employers, teens, and parents.

Resources for employers
Employers need to take particular care with young workers. It's in the teens best interest and it is in every employer's best interests as well: According to HR Daily Advisor, "A recent DOL decision assessed penalties of over $277 thousand against movie theaters for employing youths in dangerous jobs and for working them illegally long hours. Have summer hiring plans? Better review youth hiring rules." The site offers two tip sheets for employers:
Summer Hiring? Watch for Tricky Child Labor Laws and Summer Jobs for Kids--Many Restrictions on Duties and Hours

Interstate Labor Standards Association - an organization of state labor department officials. Find your state contacts and get information on Child Labor Laws.

5 Leadership Lessons: What You Need to Know about Developing Teen Leadership

OSHA: Young Workers: Employers

NIOSH: Young Worker Safety & Health

Washington's Department of Labor & Industries: Youth Job Safety Resources

National Children's Center for Rural and Agricultural Health and Safety

Iowa: Iowa Safe Youth @ Work

DOL: Yout Rules: for Employers

For teen workers
American Society of Safety Engineers: Target Teen Safety Tool Kit, including the The ASSE Interactive Zombie Game

OSHA: Young Workers - site includes a variety of safety videos for teen workers, as well as resources

OSHA Young Worker Summer Job Safety
-- Construction
--Parks & Recreation
--Safe Driving

DOL: Youth Rules: for Teens

Farm Safety 4 Just Kids

California: Young Workers

Canada: Passport to Safety

CCOHS: Young Workers Zone!

CDC: Are You a Working Teen? What you should know about safety and health on the job

CDC: ┬┐Eres un Joven que Trabaja? Cosas que Debes Saber sobre la Seguridad y la Salud en el Trabajo

KidsHealth: Making Sure Your Teen's Job is Safe

DOL: Youth Rules: for Parents

OSHA: Young Workers - Parents

DOL: Youth & Labor


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