September 8, 2010

Cavalcade of Risk #113 and a scary work scenario

Our friend David Williams is hosting Cavalcade of Risk #113 over at Health Business Blog. Also of note on his blog, his post on a recent Kaiser study on healthcare, which includes some interesting statistics about practices related to healthcare quality monitoring.

Here at Workers Comp Insider, we are in "back to school" mode - catching up after a long Labor Day weekend, having tucked in a few final summer vacation days. So we have only one item today that fits in with the theme of risk ... a remarkable video clip of security camera footage from a harrowing 2008 cruise that just recently made its way to the web. How would you like to have been one of the employees or a guest on this particular cruise? Or the risk manager?

I don't know which segment is scarier - the passengers and crew sliding around in the cafeteria in the first half or the forklifts and heavy equipment careening around in the second half. Yikes.

The Sydney Morning Herald offers more information about what happened on the cruise. The article doesn't report on any injuries among the 671 crew, but says that, "Forty-two passengers were injured in the storm. The worst injuries were a fractured pelvis and fractured wrist, with most of the injured suffering cuts and bruises." After the event, the company offered passengers a 25% discount on future cruises. Also, "...recommendations made after an investigation into the event, including the securing of furnishings and providing bridge staff with night-vision binoculars, had been implemented by the company."

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1 Comment


How powerful is video!!!!!

What a lesson in the impact of motion and pictures.

I would have never caught the U-Tube version, thanks.




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