July 14, 2010

Cavalcade of Risk, Picnic Edition, seasoned with a dash of risk management humor

Jaan Sidorov dishes up a summer smorgasbord of risk at the 109th Cavalcade of Risk Picnic edition over at Disease Care Management Blog.

Speaking of risk, yesterday Business Insurance twittered: Among the accomplishments of the legendary George Steinbrenner: making George Constanza learn about risk management. Risk management isn't a topic that surfaces in TV sitcoms too often, so we thank them for the reminder - check out a You Tube clip of Seinfeld's classic segment on risk management.

As long as we're having a bit of fun with risk management, let's up the ante a bit by throwing in some actuaries and accountants. A newly discovered blog that we are happy to recommend - Actuary Info - features many interesting and deliciously nerdy posts. For today's purposes, we call your attention to these two:

Actuarial Risk Management Humor: During the pause of a Risk Management conference, a professional risk manager, an accountant and an actuary were in the gents room standing at the urinals ...

Actuarial Risk Management Puzzle Joke: Three actuaries and three accountants are traveling by train to visit a 'Risk Management Conference'. At the station, the three accountants each buy tickets and watch as the three actuaries buy only a single ticket...

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1 Comment

Haha, I really like the actuary/accountant joke - very funny despite being very nerdy.


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