November 17, 2009

Workers Comp Insider Wins Top National Blog Award

Well, bust our balloons and call us surprised!

We learned yesterday that the Lexis Nexis Workers' Compensation Law Center has honored the Workers Comp Insider with the award of Top National Workers' Compensation blog of 2009. With so many excellent blogs being written now, we're proud and humbled at the same time.

When we created the Insider in September 2003, we hoped that we'd attract others to join the insurance blogosphere, but we never imagined that so many superb professionals would join the blogging rolls. Now, to be singled out for this honor is more than a little gratifying.

I need to take a moment to commend and thank Julie Ferguson for hatching the idea in 2003 and for managing the enterprise ever since. Julie is one of, if not the, nation's foremost blog experts, and we are lucky indeed to have her at Lynch Ryan. Moreover, she's an excellent writer who's written about a third of all our blog posts.

And where would we be without the tireless search for blogging excellence exemplified every day by Jon Coppelman, a bona fide workers' compensation guru. Jon's posts are always interesting, thought-provoking, honest and well-sourced. Judging by your comments, they can also be provocative and controversial, but that's what the medium is all about. I'm thankful for Jon's expertise and his friendship.

In making the award, here's what the Lexis Nexis Workers' Compensation Law Center said about the Insider:

Workers' Comp Insider's excellent coverage this past year of the side effects of the economic recession on workers' compensation, from government bailouts to bankruptcy to fraud and more, made it our choice for the Top Blog of the Year 2009 on national workers' compensation and workplace issues. Workers' Comp Insider also proved again the power of a company blog to showcase the expertise of its employees as evidenced this year by articles in both The Washington Post and the Las Vegas Sun, which cited the Workers' Comp Insider on the issues of death from a workplace injury and controlling workers' comp costs, respectively. Workers' Comp Insider's in-depth research to uncover the best government and industry websites and blogs in the blogosphere was second to none in 2009, and enabled policymakers, journalists, and anyone with an interest in and passion for workers' compensation and workplace safety to do a deep dive into a collection of online resources that they may never have heard of otherwise.

All of us at Lynch Ryan are committed to doing everything in our power during the coming year to justify this award. Thanks again to Lexis Nexis and thanks to our readers for joining us on the ever-fascinating journey that is workers compensation.



Way to go! A well-deserved award!

Congratulations on your well-deserved award. Keep up the great work.

Congratulations! And I second the comments Lexis Nexis made in honoring your blog. It is the best source of vital, useful info on the goings-on in the world of workers comp and workplace safety. Thank you!

A truly well deserved honor. Congratulations and keep up the good work.

A well deserved award!

Well done.

My SafetyAtWorkBlog was listed as one of the final 25 for this award and the honour did come out of the blue. There are several significant elements to the award from my perspective. Firstly, LexisNexis reads blogs. From my experience blogs have been the bastard media to the business information sector. Most blogs are dull and ineffective but when someone embraces the technology and uses it for good instead of ego, we end up with something like Workers' Comp insider.

The other element which relates to my blog's inclusion is that LexisNexis, being a global corporation, has not limited itself to only US blogs. I occasionally write an article that specifically relates to a US OHS issue but more often than not the articles relate to Australia or non-region-specific OHS issues, such as the current article on global and European OHS trends.

Probably the hardest part of blogging is funding the activity. You are congratulated for not embracing the advertising opportunities that exist. I believe that integrity and independence is unavoidably sacrificed when a blog accepts, or is written to attract, advertising.

You should be justifiably proud of your award. Give me another ten years and I'll race you to the top.

Congratulation... these all activities will counts a lot and will always keep the moral high...This is an honorable thing happened to cherish their winning moments.

I could not agree more with the selection. Congratulations!!

Congrats - I am not surprised and wish the best to you.

Congrats! Well deserved. Keep up the great work. Although I am in the industry,I always learn something from the Workers' Comp Insider!


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