May 5, 2009

Barab signals OSHA changes, heightened enforcement

We recently announced Jordan Barab's appointment as Acting OSHA administrator and, as expected, he is losing no time in making changes. Last week, he testified at a hearing held by the Subcommittee on Workforce Protections of the House Committee on Education and Labor, outlining some immediate OSHA changes. These include:

  • the addition of new inspectors under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009
  • formation of Severe Violators Inspection Program (SVIP). This is a reformulation of the Enhanced Enforcement Program (EEP), which will step up inspections and enforcement of large companies with repeat OSHA violations
  • the intent to work more closely with the Department of Justice to prosecute serial safety violators
  • a new National Emphasis Program of specialized inspections focusing on flavoring chemicals (diacetyl)
  • a suspension of establishing goals for new Voluntary Protection Program sites and Alliances so that more resources can be put on enforcement

Lisa Mascaro also discusses the shift to a more aggressive OSHA in the Las Vegas Sun. She notes that various either have been introduced or are expected to be introduced that would strengthen penalties for employers with serious or repeat safety violations and add a new criminal felony category.



Yes, why work cooperatively with legitimate business when you can penalize them and make more money off the rich.
"Serial" violators will be everywhere as the now overly cooperative unions make daily reports to help Lord Obama's OSHA Police Force meet their quota.
Will the "new" OSHA look the other way when they see an entire workforce of illegal aliens on construction jobsites?
The brunt of educating these undereducated illegals will rest with who - the employer? OSHA? Unions?
Next we will hear that our rapidly evolving socialist government will turn the offending companies over to the unions to manage after the third or fourth violation.
Sure there are plenty of multiple offenders and violators but as safety people know over the long term it is better to support the 80% trying to do it right than to spend 100% of your effort going after the 20% that are "bad".
But many people know what the ultimate agenda is and it is not long term safety improvements but socialism.

Wow, someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed today.
"Safety," I'm not sure your comments are even worthy of an educated response. All I see are inflammatory buzz words - illegal immigrants (way off topic), socialism (huh?) - and supposed truths with no backing.

There is nothing wrong with working with employers to make safety improvements. There are employers that are trying to do the right thing, and just need some direction on how to do it. But the fact of the matter is that there are also employers out there who care more about the bottom line than the safety of their employees. There are also employers out there who would rather ignore safety than implement it, at the jeopardy of their workers. If you don't believe me, then tell that to the 5,657 people who died in 2007. We can't bury our heads in the sand any longer, and we can't afford to let these irresponsible employers off the hook with a slap on the wrist anymore.

I would much rather see my tax dollars spent on finding violators and stopping them, penalizing those who refuse to do the right thing, and making sure that each and every worker comes home safely at the end of the day. This is a much better use of money than programs that are completely meaningless, inspectors that turn the other way or give away free penalty reductions for political reasons, and endless bureaucracy that holds up useful statutes.

Thank goodness that a new breeze is blowing through!

Are you with Acorn or the SEIU? That breeze you feel is the hole in your pocket where the all wonderful "change" used to be.
Looks like you've been fully indoctrinated with all the hollow "buzz" words of the radical left.....but no common sense or actual field experience either.

Safety, Kinda harsh aren't you. There is nothing vaguely far right (where Obama is) about Tasha's comments. It seemed to me to be well thought out and articulated. Where as you just ranted in general terms and brought in things that are really separate issues. If your thoughts had been as well thought out and stated as Tasha's was I probably would have agreed with most of what you would have had to say. No need to be so angry dude.


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