April 30, 2009

Health Wonk Review and other news from the blogosphere

Health Wonk Review - Bob Laszewski hosts this weeks edition of the best healthcare posts on the Web! - check out this week's Health Wonk Review.

Pharma - Joe Paduda discusses a planned FDA ban on certain medications which is likely to take a high toll on workers' comp since they are "old stand-bys, drugs that have long been used to manage chronic and acute pain." Joe notes: "The loss of these drugs will certainly drive up costs, may lead to adverse events as patients try other medications to replace their now-banned drugs, and may make it harder for patients to get medications."

Ergonomics - A few ergonomics resources:
Call Center ergonomics: sit-to-stand work stations - if you have workers who spend the better part of their day on the phone or before a computer screen, sit-to-stand works stations might help to minimize repetitive stress injuries.

Exercises that protect against carpal tunnel syndrome - a four and a half minute video with tips from percussionist David Kuckhermann.

Thanks to Ergonmics in the News for the two links above - a great source for the latest news on the topic.

Work violence - HR Daily Advisor recently ran a pair of posts addressing workplace violence prevention. The posts are authored by Dennis A Davis, Ph.D., who notes that, "Because most people follow the rules, and because most violent people give ample signs before they act, employers can be successful at preventing workplace violence." He offers six key steps for prevention. The first post is Workplace Violence Is Not Beyond Your Control and the second is Are Your Greeters Ready to Deal With a Violent Visitor.

Illegal immigrants - Peter Rousmaniere summarizes and links to A Portrait of Unauthorized Immigrants in the United States, the latest Pew Hispanic Center report on illegal immigrants.


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