January 21, 2009

Noteworthy blog discoveries

Ah, we remember the good old days just a few short years ago when the insurance blog landscape was barren and lonely. Now, we are delighted to see a profusion of insurance related blogs, with new entries cropping up every month. Here are a few recent discoveries that we've found noteworthy.

MEMIC Safety Blog by Paul Caret focuses on safety and prevention - just as the name would suggest. We liked his recent post on Machine Guards and the Cost of Cutting Corners. Also see The ABCD’s of Fire Extinguishers.

The Medical Quack is an entertaining blog that might be likened to a medical "cabinet of curiosities." Blogger Barbara Duck (thus the genesis of the blog name) offers an interesting grab bag of medical news that is part serious, part silly, with a penchant for technology. See Twitter Surgery - In the Operating Room.

Our client partner, Renaissance Group, has introduced a new Consumer Insurance Blog which is designed to provide news, videos, information, and tips for consumers on a variety of topics, such as renter's insurance, identity theft, and auto insurance.

Gregory's Business Insurance Blog by Gregory Boop is part of the about.com's family of informational sites. Gregory's posts are informed by his experience as a business trial lawyer, authorized OSHA trainer, and consultant to businesses on risk management.

LexisNexis Workers Compensation Law Blog is an index of blog posts from attorneys on a variety of workers' comp related topics.

Colorado Workers Comp Blog by plaintiff attorney Richard E. Falcone brings a perspective on issues particular to the Colorado workers comp system.



Thank you for the recommendation and the description fits the blog perfectly! I am also found on Fox News, the Chicago Sun Times and other publications with featured articles. Thank you again and welcome to all who visit!

Thanks for the list of blogs. Another cool blog that I recently found is www.reinsuranceguru.com As the names implies it's about reinsurance, but ultimately reinsurance costs affect Comp pricing so worth keeping an eye on that side of the business as well.


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