October 29, 2008

Health & Safety resource roundup

Cleaning out our bookmark files, we came upon an assortment of health and safety resources that we thought we'd pass along.



These are great safety resources and this "Insider" newsletter is a great resource that we actually look forward to getting. One other resource you could also mention is the ICE4SAFETY.COM website that offers safety managers/citizens access to free preparedness information, tools and materials that enhance worker personal preparedness in the event of an emergency (ICE). You can access the site at www.ice4safety.com Thank you!

The articles presented were an informative read. Especially interesting to me was the Supervisors Safety Library from Seabright Insurance ~ are not management and government representatives subject to drug and alcohol abuse? Why aren't they tested? Why isn't my Senator or Congressman, President and Judges subject to random drug/ alcohol testing? Don't they have issues in this area? Guess not, because this insurance company assumes that they don't and the government must assume that only worker bees have a problem. EVERYONE should be subject to random alcohol/drug tested, including the President of the United States of America and all legislative and judicial officials.


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