July 17, 2008

Cavalcade of Risk and a news roundup

Michael Cannon is hosting Cavalcade of Risk this week and he's posted a diverse collection of risk-related links at The Cato Institute blog - good end of week reading.

Insurance reform - Is insurance due for a regulatory overhaul? The move to an Optional Federal Charter appears to be gathering steam. To help you stay informed on the topic of insurance reform, Networks Financial Institute at Indiana State University has recently launched an online Insurance Regulatory Modernization resource. It is designed to serve as a clearinghouse for resources relevant to insurance regulation and reform.

Health care debate - Kaiser Family Foundation has compiled Viewpoints: The Health Care Debate. This is a series of interviews with leaders of organizations representing health care providers, insurers, policymakers, employers, labor unions and consumers sharing their views on shortcomings in the nation's health care system and how it could be improved. Interviews are available in video, podcast or transcript formats.

Prescription promos - Merrill Goozner notes that the pharmaceutical industry is trying to eliminate the practice of showering physicians with gifts and trinkets emblazoned with drug brand names. (We've previously discussed promotional efforts based on dining and pom poms.) Goozner suggests the voluntary ban should be broader, and notes that it doesn't get to the most significant ways that drug companies influence doctors. He suggests additional practices that should be banned.

Kudos to Jottings By an Employer's Lawyer - Michael W. Fox just celebrated his 6 year blogoversary yesterday - his informative and excellent law blog is one of our regular reads - we're happy he keeps on keeping on. Congrats, Michael!

Physician humor - although we don't think it is a medical specialty often called upon for work-related injuries, we can't resist posting the Colorectal Surgeon Song (video). It's a silly but amusing ditty performed by popular Canadian comic duo Bowser & Blue.

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1 Comment

Definitely agree that there's a lot of debate going on in 'Health insurance reform' and other areas related to impact on competitiveness in a global market.

May be some of those publications can bring some more info...


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