November 1, 2007

No "Trick or Treat" for Health Wonks

The "anti-Halloween" edition of Health Wonk Review is up, hosted by Hank Stern at Insureblog. It's truly amazing. If you've never sampled this pot-pourri of health-related blogs, now is the time. It doesn't get any better than this witches's brew of historic events and contemporary thought. Bravo, Hank. (And no, I did not know that it was on this day in 1512 that the Sistine Chapel first opened to visitors. Michaelangelo painted this entire masterpiece in an ergonomically compromised position, flat on his back. No way he could get away with that today!)

| 1 Comment

1 Comment

Wow, Thank You for the kind words.

And I hadn't known that about the Sistine Chapel, either: it was before my time (not sure if it was before Joe's or not, tho).


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