December 14, 2006

Health Wonk Review - Issue Number 22

Rita Schwab of MSSPNexus is the gracious hostess for this week's Health Wonk Review. In a happy coincidence, there are 22 blog participants in this, our 22nd issue, so it's a good meaty issue for you to peruse with morning coffee. Rita does a masterful job organizing and offering a synopsis for all the posts.

By the way, if you are curious about what MSSP stands for, it is an acronym for Medical Staff Service Professionals. According to Rita:

"Medical Staff Service Professionals are a vital part of your healthcare team, but you won't receive a bill from us, and in most cases, you'll never know our names. We partner with Medical and Administrative leadership to protect patients from unskilled, impaired, or in the worst case, fraudulent physicians. Among our responsibilities are the verification of licenses, education, training, and skills of physicians and other providers of care."
Sounds like a vital role indeed. Here is a post where she explains more about the role that MSSPs play in the health-care arena.

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1 Comment


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