December 15, 2005

Administrative note: our new look

We've been up and running for a few years now so we thought it might be good to go into the New Year with a clean new look. What do you think? We still have a little housekeeping to tend to. We'll also be upgrading the blog software over the next week or two, and although we think this will be painless, we have our collective fingers crossed. Browsers and user experiences vary - give us a shout if you are experiencing any problems!

Kudos to our behind-the-scenes colleagues -- Chris, Jess, and Sue -- for the new look and the upgrades!

One other note: we love to hear from you and appreciate your comments. We don't get flooded with comments, but we are delighted by the depth of knowledge and insight that our readers often add to a topic. But like many bloggers, we are plagued by comment spams, often some fairly vile stuff. Policing for spam is a daily duty, and lest we be overrun, we are forced to close past threads to comments. Too bad! To combat this, we are thinking of moving to a system where people would either have to register once before being able to post comments, or comments would be moderated to screen spam. Any thoughts? Would a one-time pre-registration deter you from making a comment?

Let us know if you have any other thoughts about the blog while we're in our New Year's resolutions mode!



I would be happy to register. You are providing an excellent service and it's too bad people have nothing better than to submit useless stuff.

Enjoy the holidays.

Registration would not be a problem. Keep up the good work.

Hi,Should it be legal? Wonder what you think on the folloeing; In Louisiana,worker's comp lawyer wins case. can take 10% from client's check for the rest of his life(total disability)?Am certified para. I think this is wrong!

Looks great. A few quibbles though. The typeface on the right hand side in the syndicate, subscribe and search sections should mathc the archives and weblogs. Also, on my browser (Mac Safari) the comments have a typeface that is larger than the blog itself.

Just minor quibbles, though. It looks much better. Thanks for your work.

Pretty new Look. Same excellent commentary. As long as you continue to have something valuable to say the look is just an enhancement. Thanks for sharing your comments and your good looks.

No problem here with registration.

Thanks for the comments, folks - we love our readers ;-)

John, thanks for your layout suggestions. I'm sure we will be making tweaks for awhile. I'm viewing things on IE now but plan to move to Firefox next week, so that may give me a different perspective.

Theodore, I don't know too much about the laws in LA relative to attorney fees - usually the specific state laws address legal fees, but I am not sure if these would apply to settlements. Maybe one of our legal readers can weigh in.

Looks Great! Your website is a great source of information. Keep up the Good Work!


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