August 6, 2005

Tools & tips: e-mods, fleet control, HR, and more

Today, a smorgasbord - the weekend is a good time to clean my bookmark file of a variety of tips and tools that I've been collecting:

Experience Modification Factors - Understanding the Workers Compensation Modification Factor is a good 3-page overview of the factors that drive an e-mod. Also of note, Top Ten Ways to Reduce a Mod - the most frequent reader responses to a survey conducted by Specific Software Solutions.

Fleet Control - The LWCC (the Louisiana Workers Compensation Corporation) notes that vehicle accidents are the state's leading cause of workplace fatalities - this is acutally pretty much true regardless of geography. The folks at LWCC have compiled a useful sheet of Fleet Control Tips designed to help employers reduce risk.

HR Weblogs - We've unearthed a few notable HR weblogs to add to our sidebar. HR's Brand New Experience by Regina Miller explores the relationship of HR practices and branding. We're interested in this topic because we believe the way that employers treat employees has an enormous impact on how the company is perceived in the marketplace. This blog is part of the BNet family of business weblogs which also include our friend, Anita Campbell. And we’ve also recently discovered the Human Resource Megablog, a blog aggregator that culls out some of the best of the HR blogs daily. Topics include everything from recruiting to employment law - and we are happy to be included in the blogroll for workers compensation!

Occupational Health News - Occupational Health Research has a very useful Occupational Health News & Analysis page that is updated monthly by Dr. William L. Newkirk. He selects a good array of important occupational health stories, primarily from government agencies. Here are links to a few recent stories:
CDC Report on Exposure to Environmental Chemicals - National Report on Human Exposure to Environmental Chemicals
Contact Lens Use in a Chemical Environment - NIOSH issues new guidelines
ACIP Recommendations for the Upcoming Flu Season - recommendations from the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices for the 2005-2006 flu season

Research on the Uninsured - The CDC and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation issue an annual report on the uninsured every May. We've linked the report in 2004, but hadn't issued an update yet this year. According to the 2005 report, Characteristics of the Uninsured - A view from the States (pdf), more than 20 million working adults do not have health coverage. "In eight states, at least one in five working adults is uninsured. In 39 other states, at least one working adult in every 10 does not have health care coverage."

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1 Comment

Another excellent resource I recently found was at . It's a workbook that walked me through the whole process of getting a premium refund. I'm saving close to $10k a year over what i used to pay. It is designed for the small business owner too!


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